Feeding Program - Manassehs Children
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Feeding Program

manassehs-children-feeding-program250x180The feeding program is going well. It has now increased from 3 meals a week in two primary schools to a balanced nutritious meal every day in all 9 local schools. This brings our grand total to 5,300 children fed every school day with a special feast on Saturdays!

The changes this feeding program has wrought in the children is astonishing. Recent visitors to the area remarked how there are no more runny noses, no protruding bellies. Even the local doctors who serve our orphans have noticed a dramatic drop in the number of children seeking services. They also noted that those who do come in heal much quicker.

The feeding program is one of our most successful and effective projects to date. It has a measurable and practical effect in the lives of thousands of children throughout the county we serve

The grandmothers, aunties, businessmen and heroes that make up the Elders Board have truly become our loyal partners in this struggle.

We have already joined forces in;

  • The purchase and installation of water tanks to ensure clean drinking water is available for the community
  • Bolstering local schools
  • Granting micro-loans
  • Helping individual orphans receive vocational training

In the coming year we will begin a large scale sponsorship program in Korogocho. This will provide us with the funds necessary to build a safe house for vulnerable girls while also funding secondary education / job skills training for the older orphans.

Please pray for us as we seek to expand our work in this important area.

And, as usual, this brings us to our…

“Sponsor of the Month Award”

Thank you, Bob and Dottie King, for helping the students and orphans of Kusitawi Village and Magogoni High School to literally “see the light!” Through your generous and innovative donation we have purchased a solar electric system! Talk about being empowered!

The girls feel safer, studying at night is again possible and best of all, the computers are up and running smoothly thanks to you and the sun above! Thank you, Bob and Dottie, for bringing our kids a step closer to the kinds of advantages other kids are now enjoying in the booming Kenyan economy.

“Before we could not even go outside at night, because we were afraid. But now we can walk outside our house and even see our friends, because we have light.”

Teresia Mukele, 16, resident, Kusitawi village