Healthcare - Manassehs Children
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manassehs-children-healthcareAs mentioned earlier our feeding programs have had a huge impact on the children of Kilimambogo. The kids are healthier, and those who do get sick get well quicker. Last February Merilee and Emi held health education seminars, visited villages and generally strengthened the Village Health Worker Program. Go Merilee and Emi! A good grassroots public health program administering preventative care is the best medicine our children can have.

For those who are injured or do become ill, clinic visits are an essential part of our orphan care. Thanks to Dr. Janusz Madej, any and all of our orphans are cared for at the local clinic and hospital for free. Well, it’s not exactly free. Thanks to Janusz, we have our own version of “Care not Cash.” Put simply, Janusz gathers donated medicines from Northern California, offers them to the local Kili hospital where staff carefully tally up the items and exchange them for services for our orphans. It’s a match made in heaven! Because of this trade off, visits to this hospital/clinic are FREE for all our orphans! In a country where lack of soap and clean water can mean death, these programs save lives simply and effectively.