Kilimambogo - Manassehs Children
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manassehs-children-kilimambogoKilimambogo is a 900 square mile county an hour’s drive north of Nairobi. Turn off the flat two lane highway and you are on a deeply rutted dirt road to the interior. Much of the area is accessible by foot trails cut between dried maize and casabas. Most people here live in huts made of dirt or brick covered with oil to keep the weevils out.

Kilimambogo is a community of the very young and the very old. Hundreds of the middle age, income producing adults have died of AIDS leaving their young children orphaned. For this reason we have made it the center of operations for our work in Kenya. We have our main office there, 26 full time staff, and 10 ongoing Orphan Care Projects supporting over 700 orphans and their extended families. At this time there are 7 primary schools in the county (average attendance 700 per school) and of course, our new High School. The children attending these local schools are the focus of our work in Kilimambogo.