Magogoni High School - Manassehs Children
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Magogoni High School

Imagine for a moment being a young child, thinking about your life, looking ahead, getting through the 8th grade and then…. nothing….everything stops there…No more education, no training. For girls, early pregnancy, marriage to an older man, for boys backbreaking dangerous day labor in the local pineapple plantation. Sporadic wages, no home, no healthcare, no pension, just old age and the clothes on your back.

Now imagine that a group of strangers gathering at 3 churches 11,000 miles away in America has decided to raise the money necessary to build a high school… for you. Out in the dust and scrub your local community comes with shovels and picks to dig a foundation. The first building appears, it’s real, it’s happening! The second building goes up. Teachers come. Suddenly, everything has changed. College becomes a possibility for the first time ever. All you have to do is keep your grades up! Competition is fierce but you keep raising the bar. Test scores are rising in every grade of little scholastic dreamers. You could say, a little rural High School goes a long long way…


Now, as we put the finishing touches on our biggest building project yet – the Magogoni Secondary School – we offer our thanks on behalf of every orphan now enrolled and the generations of children to come. May you all hold this gratitude in your heart for at least a moment as the effects of this gift are profound and deserve your heartfelt reception.

May the full realization of your generosity be upon you!

There, in the middle of rural Africa… a brand new high school…open to orphans!

YOU made that happen!

“We don’t know of anywhere in Kenya where a Secondary School has opened with 100 students in the Form 1 class. Usually schools start with 7 to 10 students and build from there. The last time we surveyed this field there was nothing. Now we come here and find all these students in ties and uniforms eager to learn…”

District Education Officer, Thika District (analogous to the CCBE, president of all 57 Calif. county board’s of education) Feb.27, 2006