Micro Enterprises - Manassehs Children
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Micro Enterprises

One of the most spiritually ironic things that has occurred through our work in the Kilimambogo area is the rapid ‘reversal of fortune’ experienced by our orphans. From day one it was clear to us that many orphans were total outcasts, viewed as unwanted “burdens,” stigmatized and vulnerable to every form of human suffering imaginable. These days, however, they are the most envied lot in Kilimambogo and Korogocho! All of us who visit have stories of children coming to us with big doleful eyes, pretending they are orphans so that they can have a sponsor of their very own.manassehs-children-micro-enterprises

One of the reasons for this is our Micro enterprise program. Our micro loans are available only to those taking in orphans thus raising the income of guardian families!

At this time we have 90 loans of $75-100 each, an increase from last years total of 20. Our new Micro loan co-ordinater reports that “These loans are permanently transforming our local economy”

Apparently the “burdens” have now become the “assets” or, to put it simply, the ‘last has surely become the first!