Soccer Teams - Manassehs Children
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Soccer Teams

manassehs-children-soccer-teamsSoccer is not just huge in Kilimambogo, it’s GIGANTIC! The practice and playing of it towers above all other activities. One can drive the back roads of Kili county and see open dusty fields filled with a series of rag tag pick up games or organized competitions. Torn ragged shirts and bare feet are the norm in this region but come to the field opposite our offices and you will see something miraculous. A small army of fully equipped teams flying up and down the field in brilliant magentas, shimmering blues, bright candy greens, golden yellows – these are the colors of our team uniforms, numbers blazing across their backs! Everyone’s got knee socks with shin pads and yes, SHOES!

Real soccer sneakers! It just doesn’t seem possible – and it wasn’t – without the extraordinary donation drive of Haakon and Kirsten Leiro! To see these perfectly uniformed teams playing with real soccer balls in the middle of the most scrubby, dusty, ramshackle soccer field is nothing short of dazzling!

This amazing story doesn’t end here. Check out the added effects a great coach, a daily meal, real uniforms, and the love and support of American sponsors can do to the stats of a come from behind team like ours.

The WWN team of 10-16 year old boys has gone UNDEFEATED for almost a year now! The only area teams that will play them anymore are in the next age group up. Even then, they win half the matches!

Plus, formerly shy orphans like John Njorge, or left footed Gitau who always thought he was just plain clumsy have become the leading scorers in the county!

Watch out Nationals – here we come!!