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Stardew Valley marriage and friendship guide – just how to woo your preferred villager

04 Dec Stardew Valley marriage and friendship guide – just how to woo your preferred villager

Building friendships and finding a partner are among the many worthwhile longterm objectives in Stardew Valley. You’ll only have one spouse at any given time (no shocks here), but gaining relationship hearts along with villagers has other advantages.

This Stardew Valley relationship and wedding guide is concentrated from the bachelor and bachelorette villagers, that are the ones that are only for wedding. Aside from your character’s sex, all bachelors and bachelorettes are viable applicants, but once you receive married all other people behave like normal villagers.

First we’ll cover friendship and wedding fundamentals, then we’ll plunge into each character and exactly how to ideal grow your relationship together with them. Simply Simply Click using one for the links below to leap directly to your favorite Stardew Valley villager.

Character guides:

Stardew Valley relationship and wedding tips

Friendship in Stardew Valley is represented because of one’s heart meter. Normal villagers have actually 10 hearts that are maximum along with your spouse increasing to 12. You’ll find the full list in the menu, as seen above.

Simple tips to increase relationship

  • Keep in touch with the villager each and every day.
  • Let them have something special they like twice per week.
  • Complete quests for them.
  • Make proper alternatives in heart activities.
  • Dance or communicate with them at specific festivals.

Simple tips to lose relationship

  • Don’t talk up to a villager.
  • Let them have something special they don’t like.
  • Shoot all of them with the slingshot.
  • Search their trash if they are nearby.

Most readily useful presents

Present offering is among the most readily useful approaches to improve your relationship with Stardew Valley’s villagers. Simply grab a product that they’ll love or like (see below for perfect gift ideas), and drop it in addition to them. This can be done when per time, and twice each week.

Item quality includes an effect that is big just exactly just how effective your gift suggestions are.

There clearly was one exclusion to the guideline: birthdays. You can offer something special to a villager to their birthday celebration, and you also should as it has a much bigger impact and provides unique discussion. The Feast associated with Winter Star occasion present additionally gets an added bonus to friendship ranks.

There are a few items which, while perhaps not the most effective, nevertheless supply a bonus that is good directed at anybody. They consist of:

  • Fruits from trees.
  • Maple syrup.
  • Life elixir.
  • Artisan products apart from oil and void mayonnaise.
  • Prepared meals aside from fried eggs, bread, and a bun that is strange.
  • Plants other than poppy.
  • Gems and minerals aside from quartz.
  • Veggies other than wheat and hops.

Ways to get hitched

The center occasions stated earlier are unique occasions which can be unique to every villager. They have been unlocked at specific thresholds, that are frequently two, four, six, eight, and ten hearts. Following the two heart occasion, you are able to enter the villager’s room, which makes it much simpler to speak with locate them each and every day.

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You shall never be in a position to increase past eight hearts with any wedding candidates without going for a bouquet. You can get the bouquet from Pierre’s General shop for 200 gold. After by any normal means that you unlock all 10 hearts and can gain them.

It’s worth noting that one may date any or all the villagers during the time that is same. Doing this has consequences, nonetheless they only final for per week and don’t marriage that is prevent any provided prospect. Don’t try out this in actual life.

You will need to give them the Mermaid’s Pendant when you reach 10 hearts and want to propose. It may be bought through the Old Mariner over the broken connection on the coastline for 5000 silver. You are getting hitched three times after gifting it up to a villager, and all sorts of other suitors will come back to villagers that are normal.

Ways to get divorced

If for reasons uknown you may be unhappy together with your range of partner, Stardew Valley allows you to split and select another. Be cautious however, because performing this will get back them to 0 hearts, and trigger nasty conversations about how a wedding didn’t work down.

To divorce, simply communicate with the written book in the Mayor’s Manor. It will cost you 50,000 silver, but by the end of the day, your spouse and all their belongings will be removed from your house the next day if you haven’t canceled it. You can keep any children though, for just what it is well worth.

Your ex lover will likely then be defined as such within the menu, and certainly will refuse any future gift ideas. Nevertheless, when you unlock the Witch’s Hut you can erase all your ex-spouses’ memories when it comes to low priced of 30,000 silver. This may allow it to be as them before though you had never met.

Abigail friendship guide

Birthday Celebration: Fall 13

Stardew Valley’s Abigail may be the purple daughter that is haired of single latin brides and Caroline. She’s got some uncommon hobbies, like going out in the graveyard and looking for frogs.

Finding Abigail

Abigail lives behind Pierre’s General shop together with her family members. On sunny days she can be located regarding the connection East of her father’s shop.

Most useful gift ideas for Abigail

  • Amethyst
  • Blackberry Cobbler
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Golden Pumpkin
  • Pearl
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Pufferfish
  • Pumpkin
  • Rabbit’s leg
  • Spicy Eel

Alex relationship guide

Birthday: Summertime 13

Stardew Valley’s Alex really really really loves activities and aspires to become a professional athlete. He spends lots of time exercising during the spa or lounging in the coastline, and constantly includes a big morning meal. Find out about his family that is complicated history his heart occasions.

How to locate Alex

Alex lives into the homely home southeast of Pierre’s General shop together with grand-parents, George and Evelyn. He is able to be located working in the frozen dessert stand during the summer or at the spa in Winter.

Most useful gift ideas for Alex

  • Complete Break Fast
  • Golden Pumpkin
  • Pearl
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Rabbit’s leg
  • Salmon Dinner

Elliott relationship guide

Birthday Celebration: Fall 5

Stardew Valley’s Elliott is just a journalist whom lives alone regarding the coastline. An intimate into the final end, he really really loves poetry and flowery language.

How to locate Elliott

Elliott life within the cabin that is small the coastline by himself. They can usually be found hiking from his house to Pierre’s General Store, or thinking their novel that is latest right in front of Leah’s home.

Most readily useful gift ideas for Elliott

  • Crab Cakes
  • Duck Feather
  • Golden Pumpkin
  • Lobster
  • Pearl
  • Pomegranate
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Rabbit’s leg
  • Tom Kha Soup
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